Plant Design Suite

Autodesk Plant Design Suite

Autodesk® Plant Design Suite provides comprehensive plant design and piping software in an economical package. Design, model, and review plant projects more effectively. The suite can help you innovate ahead of the competition, communicate with greater clarity, and keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Process Engineering
Design P&IDs in an AutoCAD environment

  • Automate design and editing tasks
  • Annotate designs based on industry-standard formats
  • Identify drawing inconsistencies

Improve coordination with other disciplines

  • Share plant designs and models
  • Export data into tables and various file formats
  • Use industry-standard P&ID symbols

Easily provide compliance documentation

  • Identify component monitoring to support compliance
  • Quickly produce instrument lists and reports
  • Integrate with LDAR databases

Piping Design
Simplify plant design & editing

  • Place components with spec-driven technology
  • Import specifications from other software
  • Share info between 3D models, P&IDs, and orthographics

Improve consistency between P&ID and piping

  • Quickly generate materials lists and reports
  • Work via an interconnected model
  • Easily share construction documents

Minimize piping man-hours

  • Check against criteria to design to spec
  • Better coordinate piping and structural design
  • Check designs for interferences

Equipment Design

More quickly create equipment specs

  • Create and modify P&IDs more easily
  • Use digital prototyping for equipment & skids
  • P&IDs and 3D models share one integrated project

More easily validate design packages

  • View equipment and skids in a 3D process model
  • Optimize designs and find problems earlier with simulation
  • Better coordinate information on fast-paced projects

Product detailed fabrication documents

  • Create and share DWG™ drawings
  • Generate documentation from digital prototypes
  • Create and manage bills of materials

Structural Design

Design & analyze plant structures in 3D

  • Visualize laser scans with point cloud tools
  • Design more efficiently with intelligent structural objects
  • Integrate design and analysis with bi-directional links

Create steel & concrete reinforcement drawings

  • Define and visualize concrete reinforcement
  • Create details with 3D model views
  • Prepare shop drawings for fabrication

Deliver more complete documentation

  • Calculate and track detailed material quantities
  • Provide more accurate engineering models
  • Automatically generate sections and elevations

Autodesk Plant Design Suite in action !

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