Building Design Suite

Autodesk Building Design

Autodesk® Building Design Suite provides a 3D building design software portfolio that combines Building Information Modeling (BIM) and CAD tools to help you design, visualize, simulate, and build more efficiently. Produce compelling visualizations, use integrated simulation and analysis, create higher-quality construction documentation, and improve control over project outcomes.

Design to your standards

  • Work more efficiently with tools designed for architects
  • Develop higher-quality, more accurate designs
  • Use both CAD- and BIM-based workflows

Ease project approvals

  • Create design visualisations to communicate ideas
  • Use presentation tools to better evaluate options
  • Access tools to help meet visualization needs

Make more informed design decisions

  • Create more efficient buildings with energy analysis tools
  • Gain better insight into construct ability using 3D models
  • Help resolve conflicts before construction

Visually explore projects

  • Determine project complexity, labour and materials scope
  • Aggregate data for whole project review
  • More effectively coordinate site and workflow planning

Improve cost reliability

  • Rapidly generate material takeoffs
  • Evaluate the cost of design alternatives
  • Maintain more accurate budgets

Improve cost reliability

  • Rapidly generate material takeoffs
  • Evaluate the cost of design alternatives
  • Maintain more accurate budgets

Predict and communicate project outcomes

  • Simulate schedules and logistics in 4D
  • Quickly assess scope changes
  • Compare actual schedule to forecasts

Structural Engineers
Design more efficiently

  • Design with intelligent, information-rich models
  • Optimize outcomes by exploring design alternatives
  • Connect design intent with analysis and fabrication

Visualise your designs

  • Clearly communicate design intent
  • Perform more accurate simulation and analysis
  • Minimize waste and total embodied energy

Document with constructability in mind

  • Help resolve conflicts before construction
  • Share designs with detailers, fabricators, and contractors
  • Document more accurately—from design to fabrication

MEP Engineers
Create better MEP systems

  • Design more accurately with intelligent models
  • Design complex building systems with greater efficiency
  • Facilitate coordination of designs using 3D mod

Gain better project insight

  • Communicate ideas with integrated visualisation
  • Simulate early and often to better predict performance
  • Better predict project outcomes

Design and build more accurately

  • Create more coordinated construction documents
  • Help resolve conflicts before construction
  • Deliver documentation, models, and renderings

Autodesk Building Design Suite in action !

Autodesk Building Design Suite Workflow Video Tutorials Link

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